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Beverly Hills-based AI health company Aiva needed a consistent brand voice across all its platforms, from its website to their hospital care interfaces. We expanded the design language with presentations, animation, and further development of character designs and collateral.

Brand Guidelines

Consolidating a Great Brand, then Pushing it Further

During the initial stages of their start up, their branding along with some illustration assets were created. Though, after they parted ways with the designer, they weren’t sure how to move forward. We began by assessing what assets they already had and developed a definitive brand book outlining font & color usage, UI elements, and even character design templates.

Hundreds of Custom Illustration Assets

Once the guidelines were established, we moved to expand their design tools by creating an extensive illustration palette to include rooms and spaces where the device lives, icons and medical symbols, and a fully customizable library of characters.


presentation Design

Presentation Makes Perfect

When Aiva brought on a number of new sales staff, it became more apparent how important presentations would be going forward. We created a flexible, easy to use presentation template that featured all the most common slides in both Keynote and Powerpoint to accommodate the sales team's needs as well as lessen the need for additional designers.

Introducing Motion

Once external marketing became a larger priority, we produced multiple "explainer" videos for both clients and for use as promotional materials. Onboarding new clients became exponentially easier with the videos as well as introducing new clients to the product and its features.

A Website Rebuild for a Competitive Market

When it came time to rebuild the Aiva website, we had a robust collection of vibrant colors and illustrations that were sure to set them apart from their more clinical counterparts. We built a robust, stylish information portal for new customers that features multiple market segments and compels even the casual viewer to make contact with the team and start a dialogue.


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