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We were brought in to develop the website and animated logo for Chill, a water purification start-up poised to shake up the market in Sydney, Australia. After a positive reception with the initial deliverables, we created additional collateral for investors like pitch decks and important memorandums.


Filtered Water On-the-go

Chill is a start-up based in Melbourne, Australia that provides cold, purified water in areas around the city like gyms and schools. Customers can use a smartphone app to connect with a water dispensing machine at any number of locations around town to refill their water bottle. When we were approached, they had developed some preliminary branding assets and a prototype of their machines, but were ready to take it to the next level with a web presence and new presentation assets.

Presentation Design

Preparing for the Pitch

With some important meetings right around the corner, we began work on the pitch deck. We initially used the existing brand assets to create a sleak, legible presentation template. However, as ourselves and the team revised further, we soon found ourselves designing infographics for revenue projections as well as mockups for their app UI. By the time they were ready to present, the deck had become an indispensable tool for their entire team.

Animated Branding for Video

For the hero section on the website, a full-screen promotional video was chosen to be featured. However, they wanted to end the video with something more impactful than just their static logo. The solution was creating an animated logo, which we did using a combination of Photoshop and After Affects. The mark was cleverly disassembled and an angled ripple effect was applied to a falling water droplet that introduces the product as well as the name. This would also become the loading icon for site.


A Landing Page for Launch

They needed a relatively simple site with several pages showing the product benefits, innovations and locations. A wireframe was built to discuss their prepared content and functionality and it was decided that more would need to be done to engage visitors. The first addition was developing a scrollable infographic that demonstrated their filtration system while explaining how it worked. We then made a map using Google’s API that would keep track of active machines and provide easy directions.


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