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After years of working as a brand consultant for major companies, Matt Clayman created a decentralized branding agency that leveraged his best design talent from around the globe. He needed a brand that spoke to the architect-like precision that goes into the strategic aspects of building a brand as well as the creative forces.

A Full-Service Brand Launch

The lock logomark was chosen to communicate the agency's unlocking of both their client's potential and brand possibilities. The graph paper design, as well as the hand-written feel, was brought in to provide an analogy to architecture. Brands need firm foundations built on strategy and effective communication which Clay Co. excellently provides.  


Presentation Design & Web

We took the design elements and created a bold presentation template with numerous layout possibilities. While presenting, the hand-drawn elements would draw themselves in to highlight important content.

The website was created to be both bold with its typography and design elements but let the copy be the focal point for viewers. Where it was appropriate, hand drawn elements were included with a pencil adding visual interest halfway through the experience. The page culminates with a full-screen call to action with the brand color beckoning visitors to say hello.



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