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We teamed up with Malibu-based Eclectic Electric to rebrand one of Malibu’s longest-running surf camps. We developed a new identity with all kinds of branded collateral as well as a secondary identity for a new, more exclusive option. It was a joy working with such a fun client and an honor recrafting a landmark in the LA surfing community.

Modernizing a Beloved Malibu Surf Club

The surfing school, a mainstay of Malibu Beach California, had an identity that was developed upon it’s inception in 1991. The owner had been managing everything from day-to-day operations to it’s social media accounts and recognized that it was getting difficult to create a cohesive brand message. In addition to maintaining the primary brand, they were launching a more exclusive surf class that featured more individualized attention and needed a brand to communicate a higher-quality offering. We took the reigns and delivered both a full rebrand and brand extension to match.


Selecting the Typeface

We began by designing the logotype, in which we combed through 100’s of typefaces that had an island-inspired feel. We landed on a font that emulated the rhythm of the waves while also feeling reminiscent of the great surf brands from the 1970’s. The typeface was enhanced with a subtle wave design motif going underneath and then connecting to the letter “M”, a nod to the surfers need to stay on top of the waves. The color palette was a simple choice, as the light blue would reflect the cloudless-skies of southern California and the darker blue; the water.

A Logomark With a Legacy

When it came to the logomark, the business owner wanted to keep the shark design so as not to lose brand recognition, despite some negative associations with that animal and surfers. We came to a compromise by designing a stylized fin with alternating waves underneath. This mark could then work as a standalone graphic with the monogram MM above and the founding date below it, or in the traditional combo mark above the logotype.


Secondary Branding

Adding a premium offering:
Malibu Makos Limited

Once we built a solid foundation, we turned our attention to the new surf program Malibu Makos Limited. We needed to include the regular branding alongside a new graphic or logo, so we chose to illustrate a depiction of Zuma beach, the most famous of the malibu coast. We then selected a pale orange-yellow, a nod to the final minutes of a Malibu sunset, as the primary color associated with all collateral.

A Landing Page That's Anything But Limited

When it came time to develop a landing page for the new class, we combined the graphics, colors, and photography to create something that cleanly represented the prestige and passion of the surf camp itself.


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