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We were tasked with developing the branding for Nutrigility, a health and nutrition company that combines modern wellness philosophy with science-based health improvement. The brand voice speaks to a wide audience but does so with an air of elegance and authority.

Science-Backed Health & Wellness

Nutrigility, a wellness and nutrition company, approached us with a need for branding. We discussed that in such a crowded market of coaches and nutritionists, nutrigility would need to set themselves apart by emphasizing their scientific approach and sports medicine experience. They knew they wanted the brand to be gender neutral and appeal to both professional athletes as well as average people looking to choose a healthier lifestyle. After creating a strategy through discussing their goals and brand positioning, we were ready to begin building the visual elements of the brand.

A Symbol of Nutrition

For the logomark, we explored a variety of themes but ultimately landed on communicating 3 ideas: strength, plant nutrition, and whole-life wellness. After numerous sketches and potential options, we captured each of these themes by featuring a flexing human figure inside a leaf that is wrapped in concentric circles. The gold color we chose to illustrate the lines would serve to make it feel premium as well as allow for gold foil accents if the client chose to.

Appealing to the Right Market

For the color scheme, they needed something that didn’t lean too heavily feminine as is the case with their competitors. Pastels and soft light colors were very common, so we went a different direction with a combination of smooth, earthy tones and a firm flat blue and gold. This choice would make her brand feel similar enough to others in the health and wellness category while presenting them as the more capable, professional option.


presentation Design

Finalizing the Assets

With an established brand as well as fonts to match, we created a print collateral sample set that included letterheads and business cards. Afterwards, we handed off the assets to the client as well as advised Eclectic Electric, their website developer, on which routes to take for their web presence.



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