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10 Questions to Ask Before Building a New Website

A new website can help you attract new customers, engage existing ones, and present your business or product in the best light possible. As you explore your options with agencies or designers, make sure to set goals and manage expectations for the process.

Here are 10 things you should ask yourself before you dive in:

1. What is your websites purpose?

Do you want to inform, sell, or encourage outreach? It’s a simple question, but the design and development decisions stem from how it’s answered.

2. How does your website fit into your business strategy?

Your website may be one of several touch points for potential customers and it’s important to ask yourself how it fits in. How does your website add value to the customer experience?

3. How often do you want to update the website?

Staying up-to-date is essential and requires time and effort to remain relevant. The construction of the website varies based on if you or your team want the responsibility or if you'd rather leave that to an agency or designer.

4. Do you want to include a Blog section?

Blogging is a great way to keep visitors coming to your site and it’s useful for both SEO and social media integration. However, If you don’t have the time or resources necessary to produce quality content consistently, you should consider focusing on social media instead.

5. Will products be purchased through your website?

Weigh the benefits and disadvantages of hosting an online store on your website. While the benefits are many, most businesses underestimate the challenge and security needs. A dedicated selling platform like Shopify may work better for you. Your designer can help you answer these questions.

6. How many pages do you want to have?

On average, most website visitors don’t explore beyond your homepage, so building content and pages strategically is important. Anticipate user behavior by maximizing the home page and encouraging users to discover your other content from there. 

7. What’s your deadline? ie. How soon do you need this?

Like a quality product, building a robust website takes time, often more than you think. Your designer can help you establish a timeline that works with your schedule as well as let you know what’s realistic for the features and scale you desire. 

8. Have you researched your industry and competitors?

Knowing the standard set by your competitors is important for seeing what’s worth borrowing or improving upon. It also helps you identify the general look and feel you’d like to achieve.

9. How prepared is your content?

The best websites can dazzle, intrigue, and convert viewers to customers, but at the end of the day it’s just a vessel for your content. Make sure you and your team have the time and tools necessary to produce quality content while meeting deadlines.

10. Are you actually ready for a new website?

The building process comes with its own set of challenges between collecting and creating content, approvals and revisions, and adhering to timelines. However, If you’re ready to take the plunge, a new website can set you apart as a leader, an authority in your industry, and garner new fans and customers alike.


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